Hey there,

Creativity is deeply personal to me. As a Black queer woman, my work is an intimate reflection of who I am and the questions that drive me.

Lately, I've found myself lingering on thoughts about masculinity, femininity, and what it means to feel safe in this world. These reflections shape my artistic vision and guide me towards authenticity, exploring what it truly means to be in service to oneself.

One question I've been pondering is: what are you surrendering to? 

If you're curious to delve deeper into the stories behind my art, consider this your invitation. Let's connect, share, and collaborate on something beautiful together.

I'm Ruhamaiah, a Brooklyn-based photographer. Got a project in mind? Let's chat – drop me a line via email or the contact form.

Thanks for being here – looking forward to connecting with you soon.




Diversify Photo

Black Women Photographers


The Bridge 2022 | IW Gallery | Brooklyn, NY | Nov. 2022

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